Community led master planning

Increased participation by 1500% with a 94% approval rating

A revolutionary, digital-first stakeholder engagement exercise gave local communities a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the urban regeneration of Nottingham’s waterside. A series of digital tools engaged a wide audience resulting in high levels of transparency and support.

"The interactive tools offered a constructive way to gain an understanding of the scheme. It not only saved us time but gave us a lot more information to determine our views than a typical application."

Senior Principal Planning Officer – Nottingham City Council

Shaping the heart of Nottingham Waterside

What was going on?

Blueprint wants Trent Basin to be the heart of this new community, innovatively designed to meet the current and future communities’ needs.
To achieve this, they knew they would have to thoroughly understand the community makeup and engage with those seldom heard in the planning process.

Rather than being constrained by the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainable developer Blueprint wanted to rethink the traditional engagement methodology, providing a truly inclusive, anytime, and anywhere consultation using real community evidence to influence its design.



How we helped

The designs for Trent Basin included some pretty “out-there” ideas, so we wanted this consultation to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. To do this we worked with Blueprint to fully understand their potential audiences and create an engagement platform that worked for them.

This use of innovative, interactive tools, combined with powerful data analytics, and an emphasis on youth-friendly content ensured that a remarkably diverse audience, including those seldom heard, was consulted during a multi-stage, irrefutably transparent engagement campaign.

Shaping the heart of Nottingham Waterside

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Engagement Strategy

Engaging a Wider Audience

We worked hard on this one to make sure as many people in the local communities were meaningfully engaged in this multi-stage consultation.

Our 24/7 access engagement platform formed the basis of our awareness-raising strategy, while specific engagement exercises made sure we heard from local businesses, schools recreational groups and other key stakeholders.

The result? 94% of respondents approved the final design.

"I never thought I’d meet an architect, and I never thought anyone would ask me what I wanted like this."

Nottingham youth participant

Accessibility for all

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