Stakeholder Engagement

Everyone loves a story, right? A good story will stay with you forever. A bad one, you probably wouldn’t even fi…

If you’re dealing with stakeholders, then you have a story you need to tell.

Do you want that story to be the next best seller with Hollywood knocking on the door, or the next bargain bucket flop?

We love a good story at Deetu, let us help you tell yours.

I'll tell you a story about Jack a Nory

Everyone has a story, let us help you tell yours

Whether your audiences are local communities, planning officers or even overseas investors, you need to get your story to the right people.

Our digital storytelling tools can help you engage with a wider audience no matter how, where and when they access information.

Why digital engagement

No more material going out of date

Things change; keep your audiences up to date with the latest updates and information.

Increase audience understanding

Convey your story to a wide audience in a way that they understand.

Reach your audiences 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

With ever increasingly busy lives, we want to choose the when, where and how we access information.

A picture tells a thousand words

Everyone has a story, let us help you tell yours

Translating your ideas into a story that captivates and engages can be difficult. Sometimes words alone don't do you justice.

From crafting the perfect copy and graphic design to CGIs and engaging story maps we can help bring your ideas to life.

Plan it

We work with you to plan out your engagement early, adapting as your plans change.

See it

Rich visuals, CGIs, audio descriptions and guided tours bring your plans to life.

Share it

Allow people to easily share your stories with others via social media, online, or traditional marketing techniques.

Your custom engagement solution.

Hosted solutions

Well, that's one less thing to ask IT for. We take care of the hosting and maintenance.

Accessibility for all

Going beyond a responsive design we include tricks and tips to make sure your engagement is accessible for all.

Custom designs

We work with you to include your branding making each engagement uniquely yours.

Language selection

Now you're speaking our language. One application multiple languages.

Create your informed place today.

Let us form your next engaged community and help you to create an informed place.

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