What does Deetu do? Now that was fun to say.

Challenging the norm isn't easy, and you can't fix today's problems with yesterday's tools. Fear not; Deetu is here to help.

We love all your problems but find that our services can be split into two areas.

Our dedicated Engagement Services team can help you engage with your stakeholders and even find new ones to create a better evidence base for your decisions.

Everything else we call Digital Transformation. Helping you transform how you work to be smarter, enhance your services and make a better workplace.

Go beyond the village hall

Digitally Led Planning Public Consultation

We've all been there, the same faces, the same feedback, different village hall.

We can help you reach all parts of your community, tapping into the seldom-heard voices, increasing your audience's size, and bringing diversity and richness to feedback.

Crowdsourced policy decisions

Policy Consultation

You know the feeling. The boss has just rung, there is funding up for grabs and they want a new evidence base to show how it can be put to best use. Normally not a problem, but they want it by next Thursday. Oh.

You need a way to consult with wide audiences quickly and easily with structured and accurate feedback. We can help you there. Step this way.

Everyone loves a story, right?

Stakeholder engagement

A good story will stay with you forever. A bad one, you probably wouldn’t even fi…

If you’re dealing with stakeholders, then you have a story you need to tell.

Do you want that story to be the next best seller with Hollywood knocking on the door, or the next bargain bucket flop?

We love a good story at Deetu, let us help you tell yours.

Smarter decisions, faster

Digital Transformation

"Work smarter, not harder with tomorrow's tools for next week's problems, adapt, change, buzz word, buzz word! buzz word!"

We get it. The world moves fast, and we are all under pressure to not only move with it, but be ahead of the curve.

Don't panic, tell buzz words to buzz off as we quite like problems.

We love your problems

Big problems, small problems, unique problems, or “I have no idea where to start problems”. We don't mind. We just like the challenge.

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