East Midlands Gateway, Asset Information Model

East Midlands Gateway Strategic Rail Freight Interchange - 6 million sq. ft. of rail and road served logistics space.

Deetu designed, built and implemented a digital application to host and manage asset and maintenance information for the infrastructure areas at East Midlands Gateway. Providing SEGRO and their Asset Management team a single source of information about the assets they are managing.

So... What did we do then?

The Challenge…

When our colleagues at BWB Consulting were coming towards the end of the design and construction of East Midlands Gateway, they and our client SEGRO began to think about how all of the information they had created throughout the project.

But most importantly, they were questioning how it would be handed over and made available to the team responsible for managing and maintaining the site for the decades to come.

Traditionally this was done by handing over a big box of paper, drawings, reports and schedules – or if it wasn’t a big box, it was a memory stick full of PDF’s.

Either way finding what you need, 5 years from now would have been a challenge.



Our Solution…

Working with the designers, the main contractor and SEGRO’s asset management team we looked at the issues around the long term management and use of information whilst they were maintaining the estate.

Addressing their key requirements we developed a secure system to:

  • Display, in a map format, all of the assets they are responsible for maintaining, alongside other, location-based information.
  • A document management system, linking the design, operation and maintenance documents to the assets shown in the map.
  • Log and actively manage planned maintenance items and ad-hoc issues as they arise.
  • Record issues, via a mobile phone app, whilst out and about on the estate.

Custom Asset Information Model

Cloud Hosted Documents

Hosting and management of as-constructed drawings, documents and Operation and Maintenance Manuals.

Custom Mapping Portal

Full digital asset register and information layers, accessible through an intuitive mapping interface.

Offline Site App

Mobile applications to access information, and record issues whilst out and about on the estate, even when offline.

Automated Reporting

Custom reporting and issue management scheduled and accessible to suit project requirements.

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