The Worlds Most Connected Place

7 London Boroughs, a £73 billion economy, one global stage, one distracting beach

Telling the story of how West London is the “worlds most connected place” was never going to be easy. To show case their new vision at the world's largest property show West London Business partnered with Deetu to create an engaging stakeholder portal, utilising a fully interactive map in varying scale and level of detail.

“Our mission is a simple one – to make sure West London is seen as the best place to do business in the world. West London’s multi-faceted offer demands a 3D-perspective which can be accessed on any device if it is to be thoroughly explored and understood.”

Andrew Dakers – CEO of West London Business

The Worlds Most Connected Place

What was going on?

The London Tent at MIPIM is slightly reminiscent of a borough market, bustling, noisy and competitive. With each area of London competing to sell their wares to an international market.  

With 26,000 visitors passing through the gates of MIPIM, Capital West London and West London Business not only had to stand out on an international level but were also in direct competition closer to home: the other major London business regions.  

With a region on this scale, combining 7 neighbouring boroughs, in a city with such a high density, how do you present this to stakeholders without giving them a reason to daydream of being back on Cannes beach, martini in hand?  



How we helped

Well rather than presenting, how about engaging? Providing a hands-on experience, anywhere, any time? Yes, that includes the beach as well!  

Working closely with Capital West London and West London Business, we did just that, creating an interactive map, which could be used on a large eye-catching screen but also on your phone for those impromptu meetings. 

Not only could you move around the map and see where the investment opportunity’s locations, each opportunity had layer their ownproviding media rich information. 

Existing and planned rail infrastructure connected the dots, proving a truly interconnected region. 

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