Izaak Sabo, UrbInfo Notts Founder, Joins Deetu

Deetu is delighted to announce that Izaak Sabo, founder of the influential urban planning knowledge site UrbInfo Notts, has joined our rapidly growing business.

Izaak will bring his extensive knowledge of planning requirements and urban regeneration throughout Nottinghamshire and beyond to Deetu’s Engagement Services portfolio; widening the reach and increasing the impact of its unique digital-first approach to engagement and consultation. He said:

I am incredibly excited to be joining the team at such a forward-thinking company as Deetu, and the wider BWB family.

I’m looking forward to bringing the skills, knowledge and experience I have gained over the years and pairing it with Deetu’s digital tools to make a real difference, not only to the built environment sector, but also the communities it serves.

He will work alongside leading property developers and local authorities to deliver highly effective and rapid digital engagement with local communities and statutory consultees.

The feedback obtained is invaluable and provides essential evidence for creating informed places; places that are shaped by the communities they serve. Steve Wooler, BWB’s Chief Executive, said:

Recent advances in digital technology have created an unprecedented opportunity for promoters of new development or essential infrastructure to engage very early in a project’s evolution with local communities and essential stakeholders.

Gaining insight, and hopefully widespread support, from those affected by, as well as those who will benefit from the proposed development should make the planning process easier, quicker and, most importantly, more relevant to local needs.

The entrepreneurial flair that Izaak demonstrated in founding UrbInfo Notts is a natural fit with the pioneering and innovative approach of Deetu and the wider BWB Group.

A current Deetu consultation for Trent Basin in Nottingham, guided visitors through outline plans for the development using stunning aerial images, audio commentary and fly-through 360-degree digital flows. Users were then able to provide detailed on-line feedback on the proposals.

Josh Dickerson, Engagement Services lead at Deetu, added:

Our innovative approach to digital-first consultation is in growing demand, and Izaak’s exceptional insight into the regional property and investment sector will bolster our capability and reach significantly.