Power to the People – Co-Designing Sustainable Places for a Better Future – UKREiiF 2022

Planning, designing, and building today for the needs of future generations is no longer a tick-box exercise. With the need for the creation of more sustainable places and net zero driven designs, the needs of current and future generations must be considered when forming sustainable places. Co-design is a hot topic, and looks set to stay, but how do we achieve it?

Deetu are taking place in a roundtable discussion at the upcoming UKREiiF Event: ‘Power to the People – Co-Designing Sustainable Places for a Better Future’, alongside a broad range of leaders from across the built environment sector to discuss how the changing needs of citizens are driving how we shape, design and build the world around us.

Sounds exciting! But where will this be hosted?

At the UKREiiF 2022 event, on the Newsroom Stage.

I’ll be there! When can I join?

On Thursday 19th May, between 12-1pm.

Perfect! Which topics will be discussed?

  • How can co-design principles create better places for current and future users?
  • By incorporating community voice and influence in place design can we create ‘the IKEA effect’ and bring community-driven life back to forgotten urban areas?
  • With sustainability at the top of most agendas, is the concept of the 15-Minute City no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but rather a ‘must have’ planning aspiration?
  • and many more!

One last question, who will be joining us?

  • Cath Shaw – Deputy Chief Executive, London Borough of Barnet
  • John Morgan – Director, Leonard Design Architects
  • Martin McKay – Executive Director of Regeneration, Clyde Gateway
  • Nicola Wallis – Residential Sales Director, Scarborough Group International
  • Stuart Baird – Director, BakerBaird Communications
  • Victoria Hills – Chief Executive, Royal Town Planning Institute

We’d love for you to come join us on exploring these important topics regarding the future of our industry. Alternatively, if you’d like to meet up and have a chat at the event, please feel free to get in touch with Iwan here, he’s friendly, we promise!